Kaylee Hottle (Actress) Biography, Net Worth, Age, Parents

Kaylee Hottle Biography

Kaylee Hottle is a young American actress, who stole the heart of many due to her communication with Kong using sign language.

Kaylee was born in Georgia, United States of America. In this post I will be writing about Kaylee Hottle biography, age, net worth and other facts about her, I will also be answering the question if she is deaf or not.

NameKaylee Hottle
Age10-13 years old
ParentsJoshua and Ketsi Hottle
DeafUnfortunately Yes
Net Worth$1 million USD

Early Life

Kaylee Hottle was born in Georgia. Information out there says she was born in 2012 but this information is yet to be verified, her exact date of birth is yet to be made public. But it safe to say her age lies between 10-13years old.

Kaylee is still young and it obvious she is still in school, she attends Texas school for deaf students.

Kaylee Hottle Biography

Parents and Siblings

Hottle’s parents are Joshua And Ketsi Hottle. She has an older deaf sister and three younger hearing siblings.


Prior to becoming an actress, Kaylee was already making appearances in Tv commercials. In 2017 she appeared at Glide App public announcement and in 2018 she took part in “10 Deaf Children: One Power Message” the call to join the deaf community for equality for the ongoing fight, (directed by Sheena McFeely and produced by ASL Nook).

From appearing in Tv commercials, she was featured in the movie “Godzilla vs Kong” a movie about to epic Alpha monsters fighting for dominance. In this movie Kaylee starred as “Jia” an orphan who had a strong bond/connection with Kong.

Kaylee Hottle Biography

Jia was the only to able to easily communicate with Kong using sign language, others tried but Kong only seemed to respond to Jia as Kong also had a strong connection with Jia.

Producer of the movie “Alex Garcia” revealed that when search was on-going for a girl who would fit the role of Jia, Kaylee was found outside the Traditional Casting Channels.

Is Kaylee Hottle Blind?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. Kaylee comes from a generation (marking the fourth generation) of deaf relatives coming from her Father’s side. Kaylee’s parent are both deaf.

Net Worth

Kaylee has an estimated net worth of $1 million USD.

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