The Big Brother Naija Housemates were summoned by Biggie to have one final chat before Ebuka came in to shake the tables and send someone home. Here is what they told him.

With Eviction looming overhead, the Big Brother Housemates were called in for one Last Diary Session. This is what the Housemates told Biggie in what could be their final one on one with him. 


After telling Biggie that he is hopeful that he isn’t going home Ozo added that being scared from dusk till dawn wouldn’t help him if it was his final day. He also let Biggie know that if this is his last day, the Big Brother experience has been more than he could have ever dreamed of.

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Kiddwaya shared with Biggie that if he isn’t going home today, he thinks that he is winning Big Brother. He added that if you are in the House this long, it makes you a winner, and that’s how he sees it. He closed off by sharing that Biggie had already positively changed the Housemate’s lives, and nothing can make him feel bad at this point as all the Housemates have done so many great things already.

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When he got his chance to talk with Biggie, Prince shared that he felt a bit moody because he is trying to be happy and get himself to not be scared. He shared that his chances at this point are 50/50 because he is against three other strong Housemates. When asked about who he would say goodbye to, his answer was Dorathy. According to him, she made his stay worthwhile and if he doesn’t win Big Brother, he hopes that she does.

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Dorathy told Biggie that words can’t explain how she is feeling and she won’t say that she is scared, but at the same time, her heart is shaky. Above all, she said that she feels grateful. When quizzed on who she would say goodbye to the answer was Prince and the final words to him would be “Thanks for being an amazing friend and holding it down for me. ” She closed off by saying that whatever happens tonight, being in Big Brother has changed her life forever. 

The only thing for sure is that one of these four Housemates will be going home tonight and this was their final Diary with Biggie. Hopefully, when their names are called, and they have to collect their belongings and leave, there will be no regrets whatsoever because they still get to play the greatest game ever, life as a Big Brother Naija star.


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