Rahul Abburi Age, Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Height, Wiki

Rahul Abburi Age, Biography, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Wiki

Rahul Abburi is an actor known for playing the roles Kamal Pasala, Eric and Ali Hassan in the film projects “Good Game”, “Kidnapped by a Classmate” and “Midnight Mass” respectively. There is currently not enough information online on Rahul, he appears to be an upcoming actor who recently landed a major role in the TV mini series “Midnight Mass” created and directed by Mike Flanagan.

Profile Summary

Full NameRahul Abburi
Age15 – 25 years old
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceN/A


This young upcoming actor hasn’t revealed his birth details to the public but from his appearance he is assumed to be between 15-22 years old.This is all the information we could gather for now. This post will surely be updated once more information about Rahul Abburi has been made available.

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