April 16, 2021


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How to Turn Your Android Device To a Gaming Pad

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Have you been looking for money to buy a computer game pad but you don’t have money because you are a student or because your parents won’t give you the money to get one for your self if so don’t worry because your problems is over. Now with your smartphone device you can get a phonepad instead and it is easy to do.


Before we go on to the steps there are some things we need/ to do before we get/build ourselves a Phone gaming pad.

  1. An Android device ( with an Android version of 7.0 and upward).
  2. RAM ( The Randon Access Memory of your device must be from 2GB and above).
  3. ROM must 16GB and above.
  4. Your device should also be able to accommodate three screen touches at the same time.

Alright if your device meets the above requirements then we are good to go.

Step 1

Go to your Google Playstore and download the App called PC Remote and Install on your mobile device. Click here to download

Step 2

Download this same Apk on your PC and install. Click here to download APK on your PC

Step 3

After installation on your Smartphone and PC . Open up both software and connect

This is how it should look like on your Smartphone click on the connect button below

Step 4

Choose your preferred means of connection

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • USB tethering

Step 5

To get your gamepad, after successful connection click on the layout tab

Choose your preferred pad and use, you can also create your own personal gaming pad if you choose to. The layouts within the red circle are the ones I built up from scratch.

This is a sample of what I built for myself.

If you don’t know how to build one up from scratch, I will write on how to build one but based on comment request on this post. If you found this article helpful please leave a comment below and share to friends.


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