Biography of Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo: Age, Marriage, Ministry & more.

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Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is the head pastor and the founder of David Christian Centre ( D.C.C) in Lagos State. He is a relationship coach marriage counselor and an author. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo was born on the 29th of January.

Looking from his name we can decode that Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is from the eastern part of Nigeria (Igbo tribe). He is popularly or most fondly called Pastor K.

Pastor K has been in the ministry full time for over some time now, his ministry focuses mainly on relationships and marriages. pastor Kingsley okonkwo normally holds a relationship seminar every month tagged “Love, Dating and Marriage” which is aired on different TV station. The aim of this seminar is to build up relationships and marriages based on spiritual/ biblical principles.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo also has a life outside of his ministry of which he loves to play tennis, football and travel the world and is also a lover of cars and normally visit cars shows during his trips.


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is happily married to Pastor Mrs Mildred Okonkwo and happily blessed with three children.


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo celebrates his birthday on the 29th of January every year. The exact year of his being given birth to is not exactly known.

Social Media

To connect with Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo you can follow him through his social media handles below:

  • Instagram: Kingsleypst
  • Facebook page: Kingsley Okonkwo
  • Twitter: Kingsleypst
  • YouTube: Kingsley Okonkwo

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