Aubin Wise Biography: Age, Nationality, Career, Wiki

Aubin Wise Biography

Aubin Wise is an American actress and one of the cast for Netflix upcoming Tv series “First Kill”. She plays the role of Talia. Before casting for this role, she was seen in the American premiere of The Monte Cristo, Big Fish and the Color Purple.

Aubin Wise is also known for her roles in Atlanta (2016) and DimLand (2021).

There is currently no data on her date of birth, family and personal life. But from her looks, she is assumed to be in her 30’s.

Aubin Wise Biography
Aubin Wise

Netflix Series First Kill

Aubin Wise plays the role of Talia, who comes from a family of monster hunters.

First Kill is an upcoming romantic Vampire drama series written by Felicia D. Henderson and best selling author Victori a “V.E” Schwab.

This series revolves around teenage vampire Juliette and vampire hunter Calliope. When it’s time for Juliette to make her first kill, so she can take her place amongst others in a powerful vampire family, she sets her eyes on Calliope. On the other hand Calliope is a new girl in town and to Juliette surprise , Calliope happens to come from a celebrated family of Vampire hunters. Soon both find out that, it won’t be easy for one to kill the other.

This series was picked up by Netflix in October 2020, and production is slated to commence later this year in Savannah Georgia.

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