Vivienne Acheampong (Actress) Biography: Birthday, Nationality, Wiki, Career

Vivienne Acheampong biography

Vivienne Acheampong is an actress and writer popularly known for in The Witches (2020) and The One (2021). Acheampong has recently been casted as “Lucienne” in Netflix upcoming drama series “The Sandman”. In this post I will be writing about Vivienne Acheampong biography and other facts about her.


Vivienne Acheampong is an English actress and writer currently based in London (The Capital and largest city of England. She is popularly known for casting as Alice’s Mum in “The Witches” 2020 movie and also as Grace Kenu in Netflix series “The One”.

The One happens to be one of her recent casting for any Tv series. This series aired on 12 March 2021. It was written by Howard Overman.

Vivienne Acheampong biography

For now there is no data on Acheampong’s date of birth, family, educational Background and personal life. This informations are still hidden as none has been made public yet.

Acheampong has recently been casted as Lucienne for Netflix upcoming Tv drama series “The Sandman”. Her role (Lucienne) happens to be a gender-reversed version of Lucien (A dreaming’s librarian in the comics).

The Sandman is a comic book written by Neil Gaiman. It was published by DC comics running from 1989-1996.



  • The Witches (casted as Alice’s Mum) 2020.

Tv shows

  • The One (Grace Kenu) 2021
  • Loading The Sandman (Lucienne)

Social Media

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