Liani Samuel Biography: Age, Net Worth, Parents, Career

Liani Samuel Biography

Liani Samuel is a rising British actress popularly known for her role as “Anya” in Marvel’s movie “Black Widow”. She is also known for her works in “Hard Sun” (2018) and “Home by 8:30” (2020). In this post I will be writing about, Liani Samuel biography and other facts about her.

Profile Summary

NameLiani Samuel
Age12-20 years old
Birth DateUnknown
Parents Unknown
Net Worth$1,166 – $3,463 approx

Early Life

Liani is a young Hollywood actress whose birth details is yet to be disclosed to the public. However from appearance her age lies between 12 – 20 years old.


Information regarding who the parents of Liani are her sibling(s) is also yet to be made public.


Liani is a young actress who kick-started her acting career in 2018. She made her first appearance on-screen, playing the role of “Naomi Morrigan” in the TV series “Hard Sun” (2018). That same year, she casted as “Asha” in the series “Joe All Alone”.

In 2020, she appeared in the series “Home by 8:30” playing the role of a sister. Liani will be casting as “Anya” in Marvel’s blockbuster movie “Black Widow“. Another actress Jaada Lawrence Green is seen to play as the Body double to Anya in the movie. Other actress seen in the movie are Shaina West, Jade Ma, Yolanda Lynes etc. The movie “Black Widow” was released on July 9, 2021.

Net Worth

According to SAG•AFTRA standard, Liani has an estimated net worth of $1,166 – $3,463 approximately.

Social Media

Liani Samuel is on a low profile for now as we can’t find her on any of the popular social media outlets available. But as we anticipate and wait for the movie release we are sure we will get to know her more better.

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