April 13, 2021


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WHAT IS LOVE- ( 5 Shocking Facts About Love)

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Love is an intense and life-changing experience. Some of them believe in true love, while others claim that it’s a deep, unconditional feeling. Sounds over the top, right? Either way, people have their different opinion on what they think over it. After all, what’s life without love? Here are 5 Shocking facts about love.

1. It only takes a couple of minutes to make up your mind whether you like someone or not. This has little to try and do with smooth-talking and other conventional flirting techniques. It’s mostly dependent on body language, the tone, and the speed of our voice. Only 7% of what we say matters.

2. Your nerve cells work better during the primary year of being during a loving relationship. Everyone’s bodies contain a protein called Nerve Growth Factor and which is responsible for the functioning of some of our sensory nerves. This protein tends to work more effectively during the first year that you are in love with someone. When we are in love, our senses are heightened, and our Fight or Flight and response system is on-guard. It’s the most optimal during the first stages of affection , which is why couples crazy feel better off and optimistic.

3. Falling in love can be as addictive as nicotine. Have you heard of dopamine? Most people who ‘ve heard of it know that it involves good feelings. They are exactly right. Dopamine is a chemical substance that’s released during the initial stage of the relationships. It’s responsible for the rush of pleasure and excitement we often experience. Since dopamine is also activated when you use nicotine, you can imagine how addictive love can be.

Two love couples

4. Many adolescents who experience puppy crushes, also experience tons of tension. Teenagers often get a nasty rep from popular culture, for being rebellious and over idealistic about their future. But parents and the elderly should be more considerate when teenagers experience things like this. According to Dr. Carl Pickhardt from Psychology Today, the awakening of romantic feelings can cause significant anxiety, and people who are still trying to work out their own identity. If you are sensitive about the way others perceive you and want to have a strong desire to belong, your desire for intimate attachment and bonding could lead to anxiety about potentially losing it.

5. True love is friendship set on fire.But, according to research, true love manifests as supporting one another’s interests, growing together, and being considerate of each other’s feelings. In other words, you are besties! Despite all the research done on love, to this day, it remains a mystery.

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