April 13, 2021


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The Dangers of Drug Abuse among Youths

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Drug Abuse has become a matter of constant discussion on the television,radio,internet and on the newspapers. The menace of drug abuse in our country has reached a frightening propotion and it has pervaded every sector of our society.

In recent times, how people use drugs had been a source of concern to several Nations across the world. A drug, which is made up of medical substance formulated by pharmacists and other medical practitioners for the cure and treatment of people sickness, is abused by people who just walk across nearby pharmacies to their houses to buy drugs which are not prescribed to them by a doctor or pharmacists, thereby abusing the drugs.

There are lots of dangers in drug abuse. Infact, many families have endangered the lives of their family members through self-medication. There are cases of many children who lost their lives simply because their parents, out of ignorance, purchased drugs from pharmacists and even without and doctor’s or pharmacists prescription and administered such drugs on their children.

Addiction one of the causes of drug abuse

Drug abuse has led to several psychiatric cases we have around in the country. Several youths abuse drugs by taking drugs such as cocaine, heroine, indian hemp, tramadol which affect their brain. They take these drugs because they want to be in control they want to be inconformity with the latest fashion and they want to be bold and intimidating. Consequently Most of them become nuisance to the society and end up in pschiatric hospitals.

It is certain that drug abuse poses a threat to the society. The government has to do something about it. Our people need to be enlightened on the dangers of drug abuse, mass campaigns should be made in public places to enlighten the masses.

In addition , the government should promulgate a law which forbids the sale of drugs in the open market and there should also be a law which forbids the pharmacists from selling drugs to the public without a prescription from the doctor or pharmacists. Religious leaders, private institutions and Non-governmental organisations also have a role to play in ensuring that we enlighten the masses on the dangers of drug abuse.


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