Sandra James Young Biography: Age , Wiki, Nationality, Birthday

Sandra James Young Biography

Sandra James Young is an actress and one of the cast for Netflix upcoming Tv series “The Sandman”. She starred in East Enders (1985) and as Chrissie in Aid Wiedersehen, Pet (1993).

Sandra James Young has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time. She stars as “UNITY KINCAID” , A heiress and mysterious benefactor in Netflix upcoming Tv series “The Sandman”. Sandra James is assumed to be in mid 50’s or early 60’s.

There is currently no data on her, date of birth, family, relationship and her younger life as an actress. But we believe as we get to see her in Netflix “The Sandmann” series, we will get to know her more better.

About Netflix Sandman series

The Sandman is an American comic book written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC comics. It ran ran from 1989-1996.

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