April 13, 2021


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Public Shame or Suicide

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First of all before we go into the details of this article I will like us to know the meaning of Public, shame, suicide and finally “Public-shame”.

Public – this simply means something being known to people in general.

Shame – this is the feeling of embarrassment or a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt.

Suicide – this is the act of taking one’s life deliberately.

Public-shame – this is a compound word, now from the look of public and shame bringing them together we can say that Public-shame is the feeling of embarrassment or painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt that is being known to the general public which leads to lose of respect.

So many people especially our Youths today see suicide as an option instead of going through public shame. But do you think suicide should be an option?

Especially the female gender these days tend to go into suicidal actions, due to the fact that they can’t face the shame as a result of their action. I know of so many young ladies who got pregnant out of wedlock and the fear of facing their parent or friend and the general public like their church members, pastors, Imam, neighbours, school mates and others who may see them being too young to get pregnant, this girls thought it wise to commit suicide as the only best option. The male folks are not left out of this action.

But if you look at it this way suicide is also another form of public shame you might say how but the person is already dead. Why I say so is, if you commit suicide the news of your action will still be known to the general public and when you die it will still follow you to the grave not only that but you will bring shame upon your family and your name will be used to set an example for others not to follow in your footsteps.

What we call Public-shame may not actually be new to some people, not everybody will look down on you because of your mistakes or actions there are still people who will comfort and help you pass through that hard time. But the truth be told the person might not be in support of what you did, he/she might scold you a couple of times but that doesn’t means he/she hates you. The reason for being scolded is to ensure nothing similar happens in the future.

Please to the female folks, don’t think having un-wanted pregnancy is the end of the world, that the only way to escape this disgrace is by taking your own life, please do not allow the devil to have you. Do not give yourself a first-class ticket to hell, what will you tell your maker that you committed suicide because you got pregnant, Think about it.

There are many people who have passed through what you are passing through today and they have come out victorious and living happily some have even made great accomplishments and have pursued their dreams and become successful. The point is no matter what you are facing/passing through there is always a way out, nothing last forever.

Some may say my situation is worst, I can’t take it any longer, nobody will accept me but don’t forget it just for a season nothing last forever.

To conclude have done something you were not proud of, do you feel ashamed of yourself and you feel the only way to escape is by committing suicide, I am telling you today and now that there is another way out, it’s not the end of the world nothing lasts forever with time everything will go away and everything will be fine if you are ready to re-write your wrongs, face your mistakes and look at the positive side of life I assure you that everything with the help of God will turn out for good.

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Article written by Samuel Godwin


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