April 13, 2021


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Pregnancy: 5 things you shouldn’t do when Pregnant

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As we do know during pregnancy, there are a lot of changes that takes place in body system of a woman from the addition of weight and many others. These changes are as a result of the development of a new life. When a woman is said to be pregnant this means that she is expecting/carrying a baby and this occurs when a sperm is released into the woman body during sexual intercourse to fertilise an egg released from the ovary during Ovulation. This fertilised egg then travels into the uterus (womb) where implantation takes place. A successful Implantation is what results to Pregnancy. In this blog post we are quickly going to be looking at 5 things you shouldn’t do as a woman when you are pregnant.

1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

This is very important if you really care for your baby. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks this is dangerous because alcohol passes through the bloodstream through the placenta and umblical cord to your baby. This is harmful to you and the baby as this can cause Premature birth, brain damge, miscarriage and poor development of some vital organs.

2. Avoid wearing of Stiletto heels (High heels)

During pregnancy it is advised that you stop wearing stiletto heels, because during each stage of pregnancy your body adds weight which causes the centre of gravity of your body to change. To avoid tripping and falling down it is advised that you put on something flat.

3. Avoid taking certain Medications

When pregnant there are certain medications you shouldn’t take. Taking of some of these medications(drugs) could be harmful to your baby. when you feel sick please see a doctor for medical advise.

4. Avoid taking too much caffeine

Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, which on reaching the brain causes you to feel more awake and less tired. This might be good for you but might not be good for your baby. so it is necessary that you reduce your intake of caffeine. (Note: Apart from Tea and Coffee caffeine can also be gotten from Chocolates).

5. Don’t smoke

Smoking as we know is very harmful especially to the lungs. Don’t forget that your baby depends on you for survival. So whatever you take in determines the health and wellbeing of your child.

Other things to avoid when pregnant are:

  • Avoid Painting
  • Avoid X-ray scans
  • And also avoid Hard labour

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