April 16, 2021


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Our Heroes Past- The Fight for Democracy

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Whenever I hear the National Anthem, I always remember I have a great nation called Nigeria. But tears always roll down my eyes when I get to the part that is always solemnly sang “The Labour’s of our Heroes past shall never be in vain” this shows that our country is actually placed on the labour’s of our Heroes events over the years past.

But it is so painful that we are gradually forgetting the labours ,integrity and nationalism they left behind for us, all this have now been sacrificed on the altar of political and financial inexpedient and corrupt leadership.

What can we say about the life of our heroes

  • Oh Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe where is the independence you fought for?
  • Sir Ahmadu Bello we are still asking for the wall of independence you built for us.
  • Mrs Fumilayo Ransome Kuti our woman’s rights activists
  • Or is it the life of Chief Obafemi Awolowo that activated the free western education.

If I am to start naming all our past heroes and their achievements for the Nation “Nigeria” you will know we have gone through a lot. O selfish leaders of today what can we say about you tomorrow.

  • A Nation where corruption has become the order of the day.
  • A Nation where the rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.
  • A Nation where the lives of its citizens are no longer safe due to insecurity.

Oh Nigeria the Giant of Africa, the Great that is gradually falling. I look forward to see a Nigeria where they will be

  • Free and Fair Elections.
  • Where Human rights will be protected.
  • Where tribalism and religious differences will no longer be valued.
  • Where graduates will be gainfully employed.
  • Where there will be Youth empowerment.

I salute you

  • Sir General Yakubu Gowon
  • Sir Ahmadu Bello
  • Alhaji Tafawa Balewa
  • Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe
  • Fumilayo Ransome Kuti
  • Chief Anthony Enahoro and other heroes.

Huge respect and honor should be given to our heroes of the past who ensured good leadership, justice, equality, transparency accountability and the protection of human rights. “The labours of our Heroes past shall never be in vain” their legacy lives on and they will continue to remain in our hearts.

Article by Samuel Orunnaiye.


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