April 17, 2021


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How To Make Money Online (Affiliate Marketing)

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Do you want to earn money online, do you need that extra bucks to help you pay the bills, if you do then one of the ways you can achieve that is by Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing is the process of getting paid a certain commission for a transaction successfully made through your affiliate links. OR Affiliate marketing is when a company pays you a certain commission for a successful transaction carried out through your affiliate links.


 It works when a particular company has a product for sale,what you do is to get that particular product across to your followers or people you think may be interested in that particular product e.g. through your social media platforms or website if you have any. Once you get a successful transaction through your link generated from that product (i.e. your affiliate link) then the company pays you a certain commission ranging from 1-100% depending on the product.


  1. Choose a product to market
  2. Get your Affiliate link
  3. Get it across to potential buyers
  4. Then you get paid for a successful transaction


1. Join an Affiliate Marketing Network: Before you can get your Affiliate link or make any sale you have to join an Affiliate network. These are online market places where an Affiliate can find a product to promote.Here are a few Affiliate networks you could join:

2. Choose your niche: Here you are required to focus on a specific product e.g. things you have passion for. Be careful as not to choose an over saturated niche as this will mean that you have to put in a lot of effort if you are to succeeded.

3. Getting/Building a website: After choosing your niche the next thing is to get your website set up as this is where you get to reach your customers. If you are beginner I recommend you use WordPress with a lot of YouTube videos out there you will have your website set up in no time. If you don’t have a website no need to worry, you can make use of your social media accounts e.g Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. to get across to your buyers.

4. Post Quality Content on your Website: For those of you that may have your website set up, it is in your best interest to post quality content advertising/promoting a product you may be marketing (i.e. a brief description of the product or a benefits which a person may derive by buying that product).

5. Choose Affiliate product to promote: Under your niche there may be tons of product or a few to promote, so choose the product you want to promote and start getting your links out to your buyers.


Affiliate marketing is very simple when you know the steps, your success depends on the time and effort you put in. If you are serious about earning that extra money I suggest you try it and in no time you will have that money coming in.


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