April 13, 2021


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Early Marriage: Danger to a Girl Child

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Marriage is the coming together of two matured individual (male & female) , it is not the coming together of two immatured personality.

It is so sad in our world of today that a 70 year old man will ask for the hand in marriage of a 15 year old child due to many conditions that may arise e.g the I ability of the girls parent to send her to school e.t.c. This very act is virtually common all over the world today as 70% is from Africa. A girl child can just be married out before the age of 18 thereby exposing the girl child to so many risk.

Child marriage whether early or forced is a violation of children rights. Despite being prohibited by International law, it continues to rob millions of girls under 18 around the world of their childhood.

Early marriage is an harmful practice that denies girls their right to make vital decisions about sexual health and wellbeing. It forces them out of education and into life of poor prospect with an increased risk of violence, above ill-health or early death.

Note– Early marriage, forced marriage or unions are global problems across many different countries, cultures, religion and ethnicities.

Some of these girls are forced out of schools to go into marriage either by their Parents or Guidian, due to lack of financial stability or poor parental knowledge on the effects of early marriage.

So after looking at this what are the possible negative effects of early marriage on a girl child.

  • Early pregnancy
  • Inability of the girl child to make a choice
  • Girls married early are prone to sexual abuse as she is seen to be less powerful
  • There are at a risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease or Infections (STDs or STIs)
  • Death may occur during pregnancy as the body system may not have been prepared to handle such a situation.

This illegal act is mostly done by wealthy men in the society, who come in sheep clothing taking advantage of the parents financial status and promising to educate the child only if the parents are willing to give her to him to marry.

In conclusion going to school as a girl child gives choices and opportuinities in life allowing them to play active rules in their communities and break free from the circle of poverty. Lets us all rise up to support the female gender and bring to eradication force full marriage of the girl child.

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Article written by: Samuel Godwin


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