Christian Birkenberger (Big Brother 23) Biography, Age, Height

Christian Birkenberger Big Brother 23 Biography

Christian Birkenberger is from Harwinton, Connecticut. He is one of the 16 Big Brother contestants. Christian is 23 years old and is a General Contractor Assistant, whose life motto is “Sometimes your ice pop falls on a penny”.

Big Brother 23, is the twenty-third season of the television reality program Big Brother. This season premieres on July 7, 2021, with a live move-in on CBS in the United States. This season’s cast includes a Flight Attendant, Attorney, Forensic Scientist, and a Make-Up Artist, and already one contestant—Christie Valdiserri—has had to drop out of the series after testing positive for coronavirus.

Profile Summary

NameChristian Birkenberger
Age23 years old
HometownHarwinton, Connecticut
Current CityHarwinton, Connecticut
OccupationGeneral Contractor Assistant

Here is Christian Birkenberger strategy for winning Big Brother 23, He says: “Ultimately be myself because I am a joy!! But I would like to appear fun and clueless as to not raise any flags, align myself with more people, and slip up as a physical threat when I need to schmooze the house”.

Christian Birkenberger Big Brother 23 Biography

Favorite activities:

  • Being with friends
  • disc golf, mini golf
  • basketball
  • fishing, and flirting.

Who are your favorite Houseguest duos?

Those who became best friends in the Big Brother house or had a showmance?
Zack & Frankie aka Zankie.

What are you most excited about living inside the Big Brother house?

Making new friends for life and competing in comps.

What would you take into the house and why?

  • Bucket hat, I look good in it.
  • My cologne, it makes me literally irresistible.
  • My ring, it reminds me to play through things.

Fun facts about Christian Birkenberger:

  • I can ride a unicycle.
  • My pupils are two different sizes.
  • I can do multiple flips.
  • I’ve only had one girlfriend.
  • My favorite food is chicken and waffles. 

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