April 17, 2021


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A Clarion Call For Change

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The early days of October had our dear nation celebrating her annual Independence day as we remembered how we got free from the influence of our colonial masters. However the celebration didn’t go so well with much enthusiasm, as we expressed our sadness on the stagnancy and rather declining nature of the nation.

The citizens of Nigeria expressed their unsatisfactory remarks as regards the position of the nation after sixty years; the average masses as well as those who had been in public service complained alike. But one thing we all failed to realize was that this Nigeria we complain about, is simply we ourselves;her citizens, we make up Nigeria and we are Nigeria.So if we complain about Nigeria all the time,then we need to check ourselves as the problem now boils down to us.

The average Nigerian cries and clamors for change in the nation but they however sadly fail to understand that the change we all clamour for starts from within ourselves;the citizens. We cannot hold on to ethnocentrism,tribal bigotry, a divided and fraudulent mindset all the time and expect to see changes in the nation.This is simply analogous to someone sitting at the top of the hills everyday, screaming and lamenting daily of how there’s inadequacy of resources to build his house but sitting there daily,he laments without taking actions,with this ,it is unarguably obvious that nothing would be achieved.If we continue the wolf cry of lamenting for change daily without doing anything to implement such change, nothing would be achieved.

For instance,the inability of Nigeria to fight corruption today is because this corruption,has crept so deep even to the grassroots such that little unions like the student unions have leadership aspirants seeking an opportunity to the positions just to amass wealth rather than perform duties as required. A trader Union leader siphons resources meant for fellow traders and yet blame the federal government for corruption, local government chairmen divert funds meant for development to their pockets yet they also blame the federal government.

It is high time we all worked on changing ourselves first rather than blame the government all the time.We also are the government and the little corruption we display in our little positions contributes to the gradual decadence of our dear nation. It is unarguable that there’s corruption at the federal level of government too, but then it all started from little leadership positions. If we can correct this at the grassroots then the change we hope for is feasible.

This is therefore a Clarion call to all Nigerians to put off greed, ethnic and tribal bigotry and egocentrism within ourselves and display first the change we want,then and only then can we achieve the Nigeria of our dreams.

I really hope this message gets to everyone, including leaders at all levels, let us all show integrity in our dealings and we shall make Nigeria great again.

Long live Nigeria!


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