April 17, 2021


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Being a student is not an easy task, especially the disciplined ones. As we all know the sole responsibility of a student is to learn and acquire knowledge.  A student is required to have these two qualities discipline and punctuality, a student is always to remain focused and perform his/her duties at the right time.

Here are we are taking a look at 8 ways to improve your grades as a student:-

  1. Taking of Notes during class:-  If you ask me this is one is very important, taking of notes during class is an essential skill as with this, you will not miss any important points given by the teacher/lecturer.
  2. Have a Study Time table:– Within the week choose outside of school hours set up your own personal timetable that you are  okay with let’s say two subject per day for an hour each to revise topics taught in school and also study ahead of class.
  3. Studying with Peers:– Having a study group helps to motivate each other, here someone who understands a particular topic could teach the group and so turns are taken or a topic is assigned to each person to teach. Having a study group makes studying easy.
  4. Ask for help:– If you have difficulties understanding a topic do not fail to ask for help from your teacher/lecturer or someone who understands the topic more than you. This could be done after class or during free periods.
  5. Encourage Yourself:– Sometimes the best thing you could do is encourage yourself to perform better, try by setting up a goal each term/semester or academic year and try achieving  that goal before the end of that term/semester or academic year.
  6. Keep your Study environment clean:- It is a good practice to keep your study environment clean so as to avoid unnecessary distraction, this practice can also lead to quick access of material.
  7. Participation in Extracurricular activities:- Regularly participate in extracurricular activities e.g. joining a football team, playing basketball etc to keep yourself fit.
  8. Take a break:– During study hours it is recommended that you take a break so as to rest your brain e.g. going out for a walk. Within every hour of study you can take a 15minute break before continuing.
  9. Sleep well:– Above all it is recommended  to have a good sleep at least 8hours of sleep to properly rest your brain  

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