April 17, 2021


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9 Things You Shouldn’t Do In An Interview

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What is an Interview

An Interview is a formal meeting usually a one-on-one conversation where the Interviewer ask the Interviewee series of questions. An Interview is very important as it helps to verify the information provided by the Interviewee.

Here we will look at a couple of things people do in an interview that there shouldn’t really do as these could get you disqualified before even getting started with the Interview. These are:

  1. Food: Never take food to an interview this shows disrespect.
  2. Drinks: same goes for drinks too never take these to an interview.
  3. Gum: Never chew a gum when being interviewed or even when at the waiting room, chewing a gum when being interviewed shows your lack of respect to the person interviewing you makes you irresponsible.
  4. Parents/friends or siblings: This might sound funny but some people actually do this, by doing this you are sending a message that you are not capable of handling things yourself.
  5. Hats: for the guys do not put on anything on your head be it a face cap, head warmer or whatsoever.
  6. Bad Attitude: Just drop this at home , do not think of taking it with you to an interview you know the consequences if you dare exhibit such attitude.
  7. Leg cross: Some of us have the habit of crossing our legs when we sit down, when being interviewed or at the waiting room try not to cross your legs.
  8. Watch: Try as much as possible not to look at your wrist watch when being interviewed this attitude shows your unstability if you can’t handle a 30 minute interview, then you probably couldn’t hours of work load.
  9. Try as much as possible to keep it professional do not disclose your family status e.g. whether you are married or not, how many kids you have whether you are the first or last born. Do not disclose any protected information your interview should be kept professional, as the only thing to discuss about are your work experience, educational qualifications or skills  you might have acquired.


Preparation is the key, knowing you have an interview make sure you are prepared, take all the documents that may be required for that interview, stay focused, appear smart, look clean get a haircut if need be and make sure to coordinate yourself throughout the interview above all seek God face before embarking and pray that everything goes in your favour.


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