Have you always wanted to make an orange fruit drink to take with you to school, work or keep at home but don’t know how, no worries just follow these simple steps to learn how to make one now.

What you need:

  1. Oranges
  2. Sugar
  3. Water

Method: Before we start, please make sure you wash your hands

Step1: Wash the oranges, dry and peel the orange.

Step2: Squeeze the juice into a clean cup.

Step3: Remove the seeds in it.

Step4: Filter the juice with a sieve to clean the pulp.

Step5: Add a little quantity of sugar.

Step6: Add some water to dilute the juice.

Step7: Chill in the refrigerator

Step8: Serve the drink with desired snack (cookies).

Hope this was helpful, now you know how to make an orange fruit drink. Please share and leave a comment down below.


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